Provided you choose to use a PostgreSQL-driven script app on any of your websites, you will need adequate database storage for it, in order to make sure that even when your website evolves, it'll work efficiently and without disorders. Adding more items to an e-store or additional comments to a discussion board are only two instances of what may expand your databases. If you run out of storage space at some time, the functionality could decrease or the website may not be accessible at all as a result of the fact that if the storage space restriction is reached, the script won't be able to keep additional content in the database - user-generated or system one. Since PostgreSQL is intended for scalable web apps, it's very likely that when you use this kind of database for your website, you'll need more space for it as your website grows.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Web Hosting

All of our Linux web hosting were designed with the idea to give you the opportunity to select the optimal features based on the type of sites you need to host. If you don't need PostgreSQL databases, for instance, you can pick a package that doesn't include this system as standard. If you change your mind at a later time or if you'd like to have PostgreSQL from the start, you can always obtain one of the plans that include PostgreSQL support. All of the packages provide sufficient storage dedicated to your databases, which means that even when your sites get bigger, you will not have any kind of problems, as some plans come even with unrestricted space. For the lower-end packages, the PostgreSQL storage can be upgraded with just a few clicks in the Hepsia website hosting Control Panel.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Hosting

When you obtain one of our Linux semi-dedicated hosting, you will be able to run PostgreSQL websites without worrying that you'll get to any sort of restriction for the volume of your databases, as there isn't such a limit. With our cloud web hosting platform, a dedicated cluster of servers handles your databases, which means that in case additional computing power or database storage is necessary at any time, we simply link extra servers or hard disk drives. Compared to other providers, we do not run everything on the very same server. All our plans are very powerful and make it possible for you to operate heavy, resource-demanding websites, so we have ensured that the PostgreSQL database storage space attribute matches all the rest of the features. The Hepsia hosting Control Panel which is provided with the semi-dedicated accounts will allow you to see the size of any PostgreSQL database which you have and even the total size of all databases, and these numbers will be available solely for your information.